Resourcing knowledge to inspire change

Resourcing knowledge to inspire change

Resourcing knowledge to inspire changeResourcing knowledge to inspire change

About Us

Sustainable Housing Inc.

The corporation primary goal is to provide construction and management assistance to non-profit along with for-profit companies, faith based organization, municipalities, public housing agencies and private individuals around real estate opportunities and options to build, repair or resolve issues related to their core goals and objectives. This goal is achieved by establishing a formal understanding of the client’s issues and resources that result in meeting objectives.     

Product and Services

 Sustainable Housing Inc. can act as a certified residential contractor, or as a client representative in the development or redevelopment of real estate that addresses the client’s interest and objective. This can be accomplished through helping the client identify projects or problems that need resolution, and finding the right resources to complete the task. Sustainable Housing Inc. take over the day to day responsibility of managing the project for the client from identifying skilled labor to helping secure financing and overseeing the construction activities to complete the task that our client request. Our commitment is demonstrated through a variety of services such as:   

*  Work with client to define the scope of work and existing or potential resources to complete project. 

* Review qualification of skilled labor including but not limited to architect, engineering, general contractor and sub contractors. Helping client decide on whom to use for what services.  

* Helping client identify and secure necessary financing to complete projects. 

* Construction oversight/review and approve draw request by general contractor, sub contractors and suppliers.  

*  Administrative services   Sustainable Housing Inc. evaluates projects for constructability, provides cost estimates, helps Maintain project scheduling, and works with project stakeholders to meet quality and time objectives.

 Our recommendations include guidance towards cost effective means of construction and selection assistance of the  subcontractors for each project. Once a project is launched, Sustainable Housing Inc. contract covers construction superintendent responsibilities for all construction oversight alone with project monitoring for quality and timeliness of subcontractors, conducting safety meetings and maintaining good communications with project stakeholders.  


Pricing is based upon total project cost. The standard fee is 20% of total project cost, if we are acting as a general contractor and 10% if we are acting as the owners representative. This fee can be adjusted for large development or redevelopment activities. The fee can only be assessed on the project cost necessary to complete the project. Examples of exempted cost include land previously owned by the client or any other items already in place like plans and fees already paid in advance of Sustainable Housing Inc. service contract.

For clients who request our services to fix code violation issues for work done without a permit or when acquiring a property with outstanding code issues our fee doubles to 20%of the total project cost. Example would be a client installs new windows without a permit and spends $8,000. To fix the issue it will cost an additional $2,000 Sustainable Housing Inc. fee will be based on $10,000 total project cost for a fee of $2,000. vs. $800.00 if the project was done correctly the first time.                                                  


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