Current Projects

Radiant Living Worship Center


Construction Management for a new church build in Deerfield Beach Florida. 

Dixie Highway mixed use project


This is a partnership between a for profit corporation and a faith based organization to develop a 5 unit building of both commercial and residential housing along Dixie Highway in Deerfield Beach Florida. 

Broward County partnership in Affordable Housing


Sunrise City CHDO Inc. is currently building 4 single family homes in Broward Municipal Service District (formally known  as unincorporated Broward) in partnership with Broward County Housing and Community Development Dept. Construction started in March 2018, In addition Sunrise City CHDO Inc. has been awarded a contract to build  16 single family homes for 4 other non profits participating in this same program

Coming Soon Summer 2019


Construction of 6 duplex in Hollywood Florida for sale to families at 80% of medium income. 

Residential Addition, Boca Raton Florida


Adding a 1400 sq. foot addition to a single family home in Boca Raton. This addition includes 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom and a covered patio, along with changes to the existing home for the clients benefits. 

Construction and Consulting services


Sustainable Housing Inc. provides Construction and consulting services for clients.The firm works in the most beneficial capasity to assist a client in their decision making around the issues of providing or maintaining housing choices